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Time for an update and a new promo

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

It's been head down and arse up again at KinkKapture and Anna List TV but delighted to say that AnnaListTV's studio is still firmly at #1 globally for her category.

I thought it a good opportunity to post this promo that I've been working on for Anna's Patreon. This took some time resulting in pulling an all nighter last night.

I must say though this is possibly my most favourite kinky promo ever. I'm delighted with the end product.

I don't like it...I LOVE IT

For the month ahead we have a couple of filming days scheduled and I hope that the GummiKlinik will be eventually completed by then for something a little different.

I have some material in the can to start processing as soon as I can get to it. An instructional film series called 'No Next of Kin'.

Anna has purchased some new equipment that needs collection so hopefully these items will feature in the upcoming films.

Anna has been playing real life Buckaroo

But then some of this depends on Anna being fit. Yesterday trotting around on one of our horses the horse decided to bolt, the saddle wasn't fitted as tightly as perhaps it should have been and she went flying off crashing to the ground.

She is okay but very sore. Nothing broken.

So I reckon I'll be humping equipment around and as some of you know, a lot of this medical equipment ain't light. Certainly not items like bloody dental chairs

So that's about it for the time being, I think someone might need another drink and chocolate fetching lol.

Enjoy the promo and don't forget that you can see the Director's Cut editions of every film we produce on Anna's Patreon -

But before I go, remember that you can drop me a note with any cool ideas for filming via

Take care and catch you soon.


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