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Filming at The Foundry Dungeon

Lots happening in our #kink world and as I haven't written for a while I'll post a couple of #kinky news pieces this week.

It's been an absolute pleasure to get to know The Foundry Dungeon's owners Sir Blacksmith and Mistress Alice who are currently developing a most fantastic #BDSM facility in Lancashire.

Whilst still being developed their #dungeon already features

  • a daunting #oubliette called 'The Pit'

  • cages

  • crosses

  • whipping benches

  • a medieval cell

  • and a morgue.

Currently under construction is a

  • holding cell

  • a secure prison cell

  • a padded cell

  • and school room.

What makes this facility so special is that all the equipment there is designed and hand made my Sir Blacksmith himself and it is top top quality stuff. Take a look at his store...

Check out these guys and what I call 'Disney Land for Kinksters' by following the links below.

So what have we been filming?

First off we shot and produced a promo film The Foundry Dungeon and one for Sir Blacksmith with Instagram variations. Take a look at the dungeon's video at the bottom of the page.

Next myself and Nurse Anna filmed a number of scenes for an upcoming series for called 'Hunted & Caged'.

An unaware stalker doesn't realise that Nurse is fully aware that she is being stalked and that the tables are to be turned on him resulting in him being kidnapped and locked away.

But that is just the start. Once chained and locked up Nurse transports him to her clinic where treatments and therapy commences.

Her intentions are clear. This individual's future is to be transformed into a captive drone who's life has little to no value.

I'm saying no more on this, you will have to watch it when it comes out. Needless to say that this will be a heavy series, not for the squeamish.

So that's about it for this post. I'll sit down again in a couple of days and update with other news.

Keep kinky


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