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We as human beings are of course more sophisticated than the South American Black Widow Spider but deep down in the psyche of many men lies the secret desire to be totally and helplessly under the control of a devastating woman.

At the same time there are women amongst us who are fully aware of those not so secret desires of these men who are incapable of resisting her allure as she spins her web from positions they have perfectly acquired to entrap their very unaware victim. 

Whilst mating, the female South American Black Widow Spider seduces her male, she then bites him, binds him, and wraps him rendering him helpless to her devastating next act.


A devastating act which commences before their mating is finished.


After eating her very willing partner she then mates with (and eats) another male with only one thing on his mind.

Such is the possible devastation from females who are in tune with their sexual power to control and devastate the male of the species.

We are no different.

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As you are reading this we know that somewhere deep down in your psyche you have a very secret and yet very strong desire to be the victim of one of those cruel women who live amongst us.

Is it your desire to be kidnapped by a beautiful women? Tricked, overcome, handcuffed, gagged, bagged, chained, caged and imprisoned for the rest of your life?

Maybe your secret desire is to be sectioned into the care of a cruel, strict, sadistic nurse who has the authority to keep you in her care for the rest of your life? Restrained into your bed whilst she makes her nightly visit to take advantage of her in patient. There is little point in complaining, nurse has your records and she can write whatever she wants about you. Who would the authorities believe? A mad patient or a senior nurse with an exemplary record?

Maybe you might meet the woman of your desires. As she binds and wraps you into marriage she gradually but consistently takes control and everything you own. She knows that you have a secret fantasy of being cuckolded by her. She knows that you fantasise about living in a dominant/submissive female led relationship. As the screws turn so do her nights out, nights away, weekends away with the 'girls'. Her goal to position you into her down trodden sissy cuckold is now so developed that your fantasises become a painful reality of domestic servitude.

Join us and get closer to the real life cruel women that lurk in your deepest darkest desire.

If you dare.

Put your hands behind your back

Subscribe now and get closer to real cruel women who do confine and punish their victimes for real.

See their methods. Listen to why they embrace their cruel and sadist nature. Feel more of what their victims feel....

....if you dare.

Keep your eyes lowered to the floor
You will do as you are told
You will breathe what I want you to breathe
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The more you comply, the easier it will be for you
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You will obey me
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Be careful what you wish for
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