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Fancy watching a promo to an upcoming fetish film series?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

First an update on what's been happening at #KinkKapture and #AnnaListTV over the past week or so.

Early on last week we pulled a long six hour filming session. We filmed some really cool and #sexy #fetish and #kinky content including loads of...

The film is to be entitled 'Not all nurses are angels' and I'm hoping the first release will before month end March 2023.

If I don't say so myself I do love this promo as it integrates one of my most favourite scenes with #NurseAnna from way back in 2010 and fits so well with the theme of the film and the background music which we both love.

So drop me a note and let me know what you think here

In other news there isn't a whole lot of news to tell you if I'm honest. I've been struggling with a chest infection and have been editing, producing, posting in between sleeping and coughing.

Thrilled to say that AnnaListTV still holds the top slop on our main category on and 3rd on the next which we need to top now

So doing my best to recover from this crappy illness and then all systems go again.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the show.


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