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What's happening with KinkKapture this week?

Apart from head down editing and processing all week I have some really good news to share.

First off our brand new page at is set up and being populated with some super sexy shiny #rubberfetish, #PVCfetish, #latexfetish, and #vinylfetish films and images.

The really exciting thing about what we are producing is that much of the content is showcasing real life #BDSM themes which will appeal to the #fetish who also loves #bondage #medicalfetish #kinkyboots, #latexgloves, #rubbermasks, #rubberaprons, #highheels, #domination, and #submission.

If you are interesting in collaborating with us then check out on what we do.

So watch our for KinkKaptureTV. I promise that this will be damn good.

In other news both Anna and I were thrilled to see that Anna List TV is positioned 4th globally in the #MedFet category on the biggest clips selling platform in the world

Perhaps more exciting for us is that Anna List TV is also positioned 5th globally in the rubber fetish category.

Why more excited about 5th than 4th?

Because we haven't even been pushing #rubber and #latex on C4S which tells us that #1 spot is very possible so we must be doing something right.

Finally, as I mentioned at the start, it's been head down editing and processing all week as I push to clear the decks for some exciting new content planned in February.

Keep a close eye on for new updates and don't forget upper tier Patrons not only get fully edited film galleries, but the full juicy Director's Cut editions not available anywhere else.

So keep kinky guys and catch you very soon.


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