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New film - 'Milking my Rubber Gimp'

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Just a quick update on the news here at KinkKapture....

The series 'Milking my Rubber Gimp' is now complete with the full fetish filled package of promos, versions 1,2, & 3, along with the full gallery sent in its entirety to Anna List TV (see the full length promo film below).

A quick reminder that whilst the Anna List TV films are all listed on C4S here - and can be purchased quickly and individually...'s ONLY through Lady Anna's Patreon page where the full Director's Cut Edition & upfront YT preview, & galleries can be found -

Filming commenced again this week. I'll edit and post a few sneaky fetish clips and images as always:


It's going to be a good one with Nurse Anna clad in her rubber and PVC with her poor patient secured helplessly to her medical plinth with the new addition of her authentic head block.

In other news

I'm catching up on editing, producing, and processing outstanding films whilst the vanilla events videography business cranks up again after the Christmas break, so stocked up on the midnight oil and ready for a few red eyes!

Collaborate on fetish shoots

Having had a few enquiries to collaborate on fetish shoots I'm now putting things in place to allow time to explore exciting collaborations in 2023.

I'll post about kinky collaborations as they develop but if you are reading this and fancy a chat on working together then just drop a quick note through the contact page -

That is about it for now folks. Enjoy the promo and keep kinky.


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