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What happened in 2022 at KinkKapture and Anna List TV?

First off Happy New Year to you.

As we look back on 2022 I thought it would be fun to pull together a recap video of the fetish films produced with Anna.

Not the showreels, promo videos, or website fetish films, but the fetish film that Anna List TV sends to her Patrons and then the other platforms out there.

I recall it was around this time last year that Anna asked if I could reinvent our video offering. We had been producing similar fetish content for 11 years and understandably she was at a fork in the road...

...retire from filmmaking or produce new work that would make the fetishist sit up and say fucking wow!

I had the idea of where I wanted to go with this new concept but how would I get the reaction that she was looking for with much of the same or similar content filmed over the years?

  • Patient on bed.

  • Nurse sat next to patient.

  • Machine sat adjacent to nurse and patient.

  • Occasional dialogue from Nurse only.

  • Rinse and repeat.

For around a month I played with the old Lady Anna fetish films to test ideas. Each offering was soundly rejected with Anna saying that she wanted something that nobody else in the fetish filmmaking business was doing. At least not that we know of.

Showreels. I love filming and producing showreels. Showreels are fab! Was that was the key?

Through our vanilla event videography business the majority of our work comes from showreels, promo videos, and after party videos. Whilst it would be clearly wrong to make an Anna List film into a showreel I could use the same concept to realise Anna's ambition and give the fetishist more of what they want, but better.

Before I go on if any Pro Dommes, Onlyfans content creators, or adult workers who market their business are not producing showreels then you should and you need to call me.

Believe me, a brilliant showreel will stand you out like no other piece of marketing material could.

Oh, and I guess it's worth having a look at an early writing I made here. Times are moving on and the adult business is getting much busier -

Back on point, so nervously I offered the boss lady what I really thought was a winner.

"Absolutely brilliant" was the verdict.

Thank goodness. We have a winner and it meant that Anna would carry on producing fetish film that fetishists from all over the world love.

So filming commenced again in March with "Extreme Edging" and the feedback has honestly been amazing.

So please take a few minutes and watch some of what we have been up to. But please take note, best viewed in a darkened room, headphones on, and volume up.

Thanks for coming by and all the very best for 2023.


For new Director' Cut editions (exclusives) go to

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