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Want to watch a new fetish film?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I love this.

It's difficult to say which is my favourite #fetishfilm as they can be so different with different styles etc. What I do know is that this one means a heck of a lot to me for various reasons.

The promotional video below showcases two #fetishmovies that #NurseAnnaList and I worked on called Making my Monster and Terminating my Monster.

Whilst I had cogitated for some time on whether or not I could pull off showcasing the two films in one promo video considering that I filmed them quite differently I think it works perfectly.

The two films tell the story of #NurseAnna taking one of her patients and transforming him into her very own captive monster.

For reasons only known to herself she decides to exercise her absolute control and terminate the very being that she created.

In other news I am thrilled to announce here that Nurse Anna has just launched her newest website

All the Director's Cut Editions in one place

As Anna explains on her website the clip selling platforms and fan based platforms are now very strict on what they will host and what they won't. With that in mind we produce the Director's Cut Editions and they will be available to purchase direct from Anna on an individual basis.

I mentioned last week that I had recommenced working on my YouTube channel. Sadly a mistake was made in an edit and I ended up with slapped wrists and my channel taken down.

So I set another one up and this time more care needed

I'm busy populated the channel at the moment which can be found here -

I've also posted a few videos from what we do in vanilla land which I am particulary proud of.

So that's about it for now. An extremely busy week ahead with three days of filming scheduled. I'll post details on this in due course.

Have a great weekend and catch you soon.


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