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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

As the title of this post states, I'm quite excited to post this short #fetish promo film which will cover a fetish theme not yet covered by ourselves.

Some initial clips have been shot with the storyboard substantially complete. Having said that we often develop an idea organically as we tell the story so there might be some twists and turns along the way.

The story will be based around a husband who has been booked in for transformation, therapy, and training with Nurse Anna by his very fed up wife.

Fed up of football, beer, snoring, farting, and generally doing nothing around the house, having heard of the very special medical services the #AnnaListClinic offers, our desperate wife figured better to transform this waste of space into a sissy drone and get some use out of it than just divorce it.

I'll be not only filming and producing this one but starring too. This means Nurse Anna can let rip and push treatments further than she usually does.

Just as a reminder that the Director's Cut editions for all AnnaListTV's are only available at through Anna's Patreon - and

Standard editions of every film can also be found:

A quick thanks again to everyone who supports us. We are still at #1 and #2 in our top two fetish categories globally for our #fetishfilms. We are working hard to hit the top on both and trying to improve where we possibly can so please stick with us.

A busy week ahead. I'll keep posting regular updates on and just a last thought, if anyone has any great ideas for our #kinkyfilms then drop me a note here -

Keep kinky


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