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New Medical Fetish Promo Video

Back into it here after the Christmas break with part 2 of a fetish trilogy filmed last summer for Anna List TV.

The film is named Aversion Therapy Part II and features a patient who has been sent to Nurse for treatments by his Mistress.

Why has he been sent?

He was sent because having been given the honour of being his Mistress's seat, he now gets panic attacks whenever he is summonsed rendering him little more than useless.

Thankfully for him his Mistress isn't just quite ready to replace him and so has booked him in to see Nurse Anna to explore whether or not he can be cured.

That's the story, to give some background on the real life stuff...

We filmed this way back in June last year with some older equipment. I wanted to give the film a different look and thankfully both Anna and I are delighted with the outcome.

We filmed over a couple of hours which gave me plenty of A and B roll fetish material to play around with.

After we have filmed I would usually produce what I call a package. With

Anna for example I'd take 30 to 40 edited images/photographs, three promotional fetish films for her social media, a YouTube video, one for the clips platforms, then the full Directors Cut edition for her Patrons. Then suitable material will be used for her website, blogs, news pieces, emails etc -

From that I'll then produce some promotional material for myself -

Repurpose. Repurpose. Repurpose.

So repurposing your material is so important and brings costs right down. Filming time is often tight. Get as much material as you can. Even those jerky throw away shots when moving the camera can look fantastic when given to someone who can edit.

So here is the promo film but before I sign off just a reminder that the Directors Cut will only be available here - If you are interested in working with me then just ping a note through my contacts page and I'll get back to you -

Have a great day.


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