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Can't I just film myself?

Yes of course you can and I'd suggest that the vast majority of people who create fetish and adult content do just that. After all putting a camera on a tripod and standing it in the corner of the room is easy and cheap isn't it.

It's fair to say that camera phones have come a long way too, there is no doubt of that. But have a look at one of our latest filming sessions with Anna for Anna List TV.

The close up still of Anna is taken with my equipment by me with my equipment, the other image is a still taken from an iPhone 12 Pro Plus from a Gimble several feet away.

I trust that you see the difference.

So coming from both a videographers viewpoint as well as being a fetishist myself I note my thoughts as a customer.

1. The quality of the film is significant. Apart from the obvious, this means that such things as lighting are very limited. Your film will look basic at best.

2. The film will be static and stilted and unless the Professional Dominatrix, Onlyfans creator, or adult performer keeps breaking flow to set up in new positions. What could be a cracker of a film could be potentially very boring. It certainly won't be as good as it should be.

3. You are going to miss all the hidden magic that a videographer (who understands what you do) will capture. For example what MedFet fan wouldn't want to see the underside of Anna's plinth as she straps her patient down? I know I would.

So let us consider the cost of hiring a fetish videographer.

I know that the word 'investment' is used all too many times by people selling a service or a product but I'd argue this cost is truly an investment.

Why should I hire a videographer?

Because this is an investment in your business that results both directly and indirectly in income generated.


  • You own a quality digital asset.

  • I know that Anna List TV sells films produced from well over a decade ago.

  • They have stood the test of time and have paid the initial costs over and over again.

  • That is an investment and like anything of quality it/they last.


All businesses need to market to generate sales.

  • Both moving and still images are so important in our business and form a major, if not the most important aspect, of a Professional Dominatrix, Onlyfans creator, or adult performers marketing.

  • Anna gets so many flattering comments about her website and for many of her applicants it is the first thing that they see of her. If her material was shot from the camera in the corner then we are both of the firm opinion that business would not be as buoyant as it is.

I could write for ages on this but I'll close this off by asking one question. This question being directed at Professional Dominatrices -

You likely spend a fortune buying expensive fetish clothes as well as specialist equipment. If you don't buy I guess you rent which will again be costly.

So why cut cost on cheap content that should boast what you do off to the fetish world?

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