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Please take a look at what fetish video and photos we are currently producing. We have also including a number of short kinky clips from the very early days along with some kinky images from the same time. 


As adult videographers we know the power of a properly edited feature showreel to build your brand and increase your revenue.

If want your fetish or Onlyfans business to stand out from the masses then contact David for a no obligation chat.

Session images

Yes the social platforms are moving away photographs and more towards video, but can you imagine not having still images? I can't ever foresee that. 

Below is a selection of Nurse Anna List's session photographs taken by David. Let us capture your amazing fetish business so that you can showcase how amazing you are at what you do.

Instagram and Twitter promo

The saying goes, a photograph speaks a thousand words. If it does what would a short, punchy, sexy video say?

As fetish and adult videographers we can produce the clips that will drive traffic to your Onlyfans page, your fetish videos, and your adult website. Below is a fetish clip that we produced for The Anna List Clinic from one of her medical fetish videos.

Artistic images

A few sexy, kinky, arty photos are a great edition to your marketing portfolio.

Below are a selection of the artistic images that we have produced for Anna as part of her medical fetish marketing portfolio.

Film intro

How many clips or films on Onlyfans have you seen with a punchy intro? Not many I'll guess. Take a look at one we produced for Anna to introduce her medical fetish films.

How many TV programmes have you seen without an introduction? Not many, if any would be my guess.

Set yourself apart from the rest. Contact David.

Fetish images

As a fetish videographer and photographer we know that for a fetishist the detail is all important.

 Below is a selection of fetish photographs that we have done for Anna over the years. Fetish is powerful. Your images must be powerful. 

Custom films

Having customers sending you money to film a bespoke custom clip is a great way to bring in additional income. Sometimes the customer will pay a premium to keep the clip exclusive for themselves, sometimes they don't which means you can send the clip out and enjoy additional income from its sales in years to come.

Please see below an example of a clip by Anna List TV.

Detail images

Fetishists love detail and we know how to capture the detail that they love.

The buckle, the dial, the key, the lock, the shine, the wear and tear, the chain, the cuff, the shackle, the mask, the stocking top, the heel.....